Wind Turbines


Complete abrasive solutions for the manufacture and maintenance of land and offshore wind turbines from grinding to finishing operations of gears and bearings, blades, vanes, seals and casings.


Wind Turbines


  • Gear teeth profiling, bearing raceways cylindrical OD & ID grinding
  • Portable cutting & grinding
  • Weld removal & de-burring, pipe bevelling
  • Pipe cutting
  • Grinding wheel dressing
  • De-burring holes and shapes
  • Rough grinding, refining, sanding, surface preparation & finishing of metals and composite materials


  • Vitrified bonded grinding wheels
  • Cutting and grinding wheels
  • Grinding wheels
  • Cutting wheels
  • Diamond roller dresser
  • Spirabands
  • Flap discs and fiber discs, PSA abrasive discs (heavy paper, No-fil paper and film backing)