Diversity & Inclusion Committee Formed

Diversity & Inclusion Logo

Saint-Gobain Abrasives North America has formed a Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee.

It was formed to support the business’ commitment to:

  • Expanding its delivery of training in unconscious bias
  • Building a stronger connection among employees, and
  • Broadening awareness of diversity and inclusion through local site activities.

Members of the committee represent a range of backgrounds, locations, years of service, and functional roles. 

The committee’s objective is to be a resource and advocate for a diverse and inclusive work environment, reflective of the diversity of Abrasives’ employees, customers and the markets it serves. The mission of the committee is to create a culture where Abrasives’ employees’ talents are recognized and embraced, and diversity of thought is valued and encouraged to deliver innovative, high-performance solutions to grow its business and enhance employees’ habitat and daily life.

“The committee will not only assist us in improving employee engagement, but will also help us to better identify our current and future customers and employees,” says Kip Paterson, human resources director for Abrasives North America. “We also identified how recruiting efforts can significantly affect diversity and inclusion. We are now focused more on digital recruiting through such tools as LinkedIn and Glassdoor. These tools offer access to a wider candidate pool and allow us to more effectively market our employer brand to perspective clients. Additionally, we continue to expand our college recruiting partnerships with key targeted schools in an effort to attract a more diverse candidate pool.”