Aerospace & Gas Turbines


High-performance abrasives for cutting, grinding, and shaping turbine blades and NGV’s in aircraft engines and land-based industrial gas turbines.


Aerospace & Gas Turbines


  • Creepfeed and surface grinding (including multi-axis grinding, high-pressure coolant grinding)
  • Grinding wheel dressing
  • Fixed cutting-off machine
  • Rough grinding and deburring
  • Weld removal
  • Light de-burring
  • Surface preparation and finishing of metals and composite materials



  • Electroplated cBN wheels; vitrified cBN wheels
  • Diamond roller dressers
  • Medium diameter cut-off wheels
  • Narrow belts and file belts
  • Flap discs, fiber discs
  • Coated specialties 
  • Flap wheels and Bear-Tex non-woven wheels
  • Hook and loop and PSA (pressure-sensitive adhesive) abrasive discs (heavy paper, No-fil paper, and film backing)