Employee Testimonial - Tanyathip



Position  : Customer Service Manager and Supplyer Chain Manager South-East Asia

Country  : Thailand

Seniority : 20 years


- Which are the main reason for you to stay many years with SGA?

Growing organization and new challenges.


- What do you appreciate the most in your job?

I enjoyed the people I have worked with. It is always a friendly and fun atmosphere and I actually enjoy going to work each morning.


- What are you really proud of in your job?

I can give the best services to the customers (internal and external ones). Being able to share experience to new comers and help the Team grow.


- Do you need to work with people from other countries? if yes, do you appreciate it  and why?

Yes, I appreciate very much to work in an multi-national company where I have colleagues form many areas of the world. We learn and share different cultures.


- Are you still excited by your job after many years in SGA? If yes, why? 

Yes. I chose to stay within the company because my work always remained an interesting challenge.  Over the course of the decades, the company grew from a small outfit with just 2 employees to a much larger organization with around 500 employees in South-East Asia ( 100 employees only SGAT).  It changed so significantly that it didn't actually feel like I was necessarily working for the same organization. The actual nature of my work evolved and changed continuously. Every year, I learn new and valuable skills and, from the beginning of the company in South-East Asia, I am fortunate enough to have gained very useful experience in many areas.


- What would you like to say to candidates who would like to join SGA?

If you are looking for a sustainable job with chances of working abroad, and continuous learning and growing, then SGA is a perfect MNC for you.