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Position  : Country Sales Manager

Country  : Indonesia

Seniority : 2 years


"I feel comfortable, without any gender issue. I even feel some advantage of being female in this industrial environment. The key is to be always curious and also attracted by innovation and technic." Read more ...



Position  : Product Manager Bonded Abrasives South-East Asia

Country  : Thailand

Seniority : 2 years


"For candidate who likes the challenge, Saint-Gobain Abrasive in South-East Asia will give him opportunity to learn, to grow and to challenge himself." Read more ...




Position  : Product Manager Coated Abrasives South-East Asia

Country  : Thailand

Seniority : 5 years


"Endless new experiences & business challenges that would keep enhance my skills development, managerial & strategic thinking improvement, incl. product & application knowledge from various interest industrial users across the region." Read more...



Position  : Sales Engineer

Country  : Singapore - Malaysia South

Seniority : 3 years and 4 months


"I could take my initiatives and am motivated by the challenge of difficult tasks and projects. My manager gave me more and more responsibility as I proved myself, I found this very motivating." Read more ...



Position  : Customer Service Manager and Supplyer Chain Manager South-East Asia

Country  : Thailand

Seniority : 20 years


"Every year, I learn new and valuable skills and, from the beginning of the company in South-East Asia, I am fortunate enough to have gained very useful experience in many areas." Read more ...



Position  : Finance Director South-East Asia

Country  : Thailand

Seniority : 1 years and 5 months


"Tradition and opportunity is why SGA attracted me.  The company being over 350 years old means that they are doing something right.  The size of the organization brings with development and growth opportunities." Read more ...



Position  : Sales Director Thailand

Country  : Thailand

Seniority : 2 years 3 months


"I joined a joint venture company of SGA in Japan in 1994 and I had a chance to study our products in our company in the US in 1996. Since then, I had a dream to work for our company as a member of an undisputed abrasive leader in the world." Read more ...



Position  : Industrial Director

Country  : Indonesia

Seniority : 16 years


"A candidate who wants to build a career should join SG. SG has all the ingredients to train, groom and grow people and reach their full potential. There is no lack of opportunity for the right people. " Read more ...



Position  : Plant Manager

Country  : Thailand

Seniority : 5 years


"Here, you can share and distribute your knowledge with the global organization team to reach the goal." Read more ...