Employee Testimonial - Sittichai



Position  : Plant Manager

Country  : Thailand

Seniority : 5 years


- How long have you been working for SGA?

I have been with SGA for about 5 Years. I started in March 2011.


- What is your current position?

 Plant Manager


- Please give a short description of your position :

I have the full responsibility of Bangkok Thin Wheel plant operations with objectives to meet/exceed Saint-Gobain industry standards in terms of SHE(Safety, Health , Environment) and CUSTOMER satisfaction, and to reach OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE together with my team.  I need to continously develop the strategies to increase production at minimal costs  and to insure business continuity. I also support our General Manager-SEA to develop strategic plans for future GROWTH.


- What was your previous position and for how long?

Production Manager,  3 Years.


- How do you manage your team?

I am focusing on TEAMWORK and COMMUNICATION is the key. I try my best to give a clear direction of where we want to go together and to get people all INVOLVED  to build positive working relationships environment. I like CONTINUOUS COACHING my team, by listening to them and also asking questions to have clear mutual understanding. Further more, I encourage feedback from my team, which is very important for EMPOWERMENT, I try to delegate jobs to the right people and coaching my team to reach objectives.


- What do you appreciate the most in your job?

Actually there are many things that I appreciate in my job,  I would say most of all is that I have opportunities to have a challenging job as a plant manager, also I appreciate to work  with different people around the world , which helps me to gain many knowledge not only benefit for my profession but also for my personal life.


- What are you really proud of in your job?

First of all, I would say that I’m proud of working for Saint-Gobain, well-known MNC, established for more than 350 years now. I feel proud of my valuable contribution to the company and people, since my priority is always to focus on a safe working environment. We have got positive feedback from our people and also from outside around our factory, furthermore, we have got several safety awards both at provincial and National level.


- Do you have any training opportunity in SGA? When was the last time and where?

yes. The last one was WCM training during March 2016 in Europe(Poland). These training opportunities helped me to improve continuously.


- What would you like to say to candidates who would like to join SGA?

SGA is one of the 500 greatest companies in the world.Here, you can share your knowledge with the global organizationto. There are many challenging and interesting things waiting for you.