Employee Testimonial - Shin



Position  : Sales Director Thailand

Country  : Thailand

Seniority : 2 years 3 months


- How long have you been working for SGA? What is your current position? Please give a short description of your position

2 years since Mar, 2014. My current position is a sales director of Thailand. My job is to build a good relationship with customers with good services and good products.


- How do you manage your team? As a Japanese, do you have any difficulties to manage your team?

Constant communication with my team for mutual understanding. I think the difference in nationality is not a matter. The matter is how much I try to understand my team. I speak and think as a Thai :).


- What do you appreciate the most in your job?

Everything in my job.


- What are you really proud of in your job?

I am very proud of my position of sales director to introduce the no. 1 abrasive products to a variety of customers in Thailand for abrasive solutions.


- Do you need to work with people from other countries? if yes, do you appreciate it  and why?

Yes. Because our company has many sales offices and source plants around the world. So, I can meet and discuss with many people around the world which is really precious experience for both personal and company's growth.


- What would you like to do for your next job position? Do you think that SGA could help you and give you the opportunity?

Continue to learn a lot from different departments to understand overview of our company and I would like to manage Saint-Gobain Abrasives Thailand as one of the top managers. I am sure SGA will give me the opportunity in the future.


- Why SGA attracted you and why did you decide to join SGA?

I joined a joint venture company of SGA in Japan in 1994 and I had a chance to study our products in our company in the US in 1996. Since then, I had a dream to work for our company as a member of an undisputed abrasive leads in the world.


- What would you like to say to candidates who would like to join SGA?

If you would like to become a member of a great and global company, if you would like to deliver abrasive solutions to customers, we are greatly welcome you!