Employee Testimonial - NAT



Position  : Finance Director South-East Asia

Country  : Thailand

Seniority : 1 years and 5 months


- Could you please give us a short description of your current position? 

Oversee financial operations and strategies for the region of South-East Asia.


- How do you manage your team?

Open door policy with two-way communication.


- What do you appreciate the most in your job?

The diversity of people and cultures within the organization.


- What are you really proud of in your job?

My team’s performance and work ethic.


- Do you need to work with people from other countries? if yes, do you appreciate it  and why?

Different countries bring various schools of thought that I find refreshing and very interesting. 


- Why SGA attracted you and why did you decide to join SGA?

Tradition and opportunity is what attracted me.  The company being over 350 years old means that they are doing something right.  The size of the organization brings with development and growth opportunities.


- What would you like to say to candidates who would like to join SGA?

You will be plenty challenged and you will have great opportunities to grow with SGA or any SG business.