Employee Testimonial - Jean


Position  : Country Sales Manager

Country  : Indonesia

Seniority : 2 years



- What do you appreciate in your job? 

Decision making, Exciting market potential in Indonesia for business development, Great challenges for new business and new channel development, and Opportunity to discover new products.

- How do you manage your team?

First of all, I like the team management. Leadership and effective listening skills are the most important things.The team members have various working experience, from junior to very senior. It is very important to develop the best of each team member, to help junior member to improve their skills and to keep senior members motivated.

- What are you most proud of?  To help them to grow and empower the team.

-You are the only woman in the sales team. How do you feel? 

I feel comfortable, without any gender issue. I even feel some advantage of being female in this industrial environment. The key is to be always curious and also attracted by innovation and technic.

- What do you want to do in the future?  General manager.

- Would you recommend SGA and why? Yes, with the following reasons:

  • Multinational and dynamic company
  • Many career opportunities
  • International environment to develop intercultural skills and to become more open-minded
  • Regular trainings to increase different knowledge.