Employee Testimonial - Harish



Position  : Industrial Director

Country  : Indonesia

Seniority : 16 years


- How long have you been working for SGA? What is your current position? Please give a short description of your position

I have been working for SGA since 2000. My current position is Industrial Director for SGAD. My role in this position is to be responsible for all industrial aspects of our abrasives plants in Indonesia which includes plant management, Quality Control, EHS, WCM, Purchasing and Supply chain. Being a key plant for Superabrasives worldwide, the role also involves planning for capEx and Technology transfers in consultation with the Sector Of Activity.


- What was your previous position and where? Why did you choose to come to Indonesia? Do you appreciate your experience in Indonesia? Why?

My previous position was in India as senior manager for production and Manufacturing engineering. After having spent 12 years in Abrasives in various functions wanted to handle a larger superabrasives plant which is technically more challenging and where I can apply and test my skill, knowledge and abilities. I can say that this role in Indonesia was a perfect fit for that. I appreciate this role since it gave me a perfect platform to prove myself and build my confidence for handing future roles. 


- How do you manage your team?

My style of management is to ensure people below me understand what is expected of them with clear goals, targets and metrics and then encourage and empower them to manage their functions.


- What do you appreciate the most in your job?

The freedom to take decisions on all industrial related topics. The entrepreneurial spirit that Saint-Gobain promotes by having most of the decisions de-centralized with a centralized core of principle of conduct and action guiding all.


- What are you really proud of in your job?

All the key metrics have been consistently improving. There were lots of firsts since I have been in this role. For example reaching OTIF for the first time beyond 95 was the most satisfying as it is linked to so many other metrics. Rejection consistently below 1.5% is also mentionable since this plant makes quite complicated product mix with different technologies. A cost focused, resource optimizing culture within the plant and people who understand their roles and responsibilities.    


- Do you need to work with people from other countries? if yes, do you appreciate it  and why?

Working with people from different countries, cultures and beliefs is one of the common things in SG. It is an interesting and enriching experience to get to know so many people with diverse skills.


- What would you like to do for your next position? How does SGA help you?

I would like to use my experience gained in the last years to handle a role that is as challenging as the current one. I believe that SG being large group with varied businesses can provide me that role.


- What would you like to say to candidates who would like to join SGA?

A candidate who wants to build a career should join SG. SG has all the ingredients to train, groom and grow people and reach their full potential. There is no lack of opportunity for the right people.