Employee Testimonial - Darren



Position  : Sales Engineer

Country  : Singapore - Malaysia South

Seniority : 3 years and 4 months


- Could you please give us a short description of your position?

To Manage the existing key accounts and to develop new accounts in the South of Malaysia and Singapore.  Besides that, identify, assess and develop new markets and premium end-user customers


- What do you appreciate the most in your job?

I could take my initiatives and am motivated by the challenge of difficult tasks and projects. My manager gave me more and more responsibility as I proved myself, I found this very motivating.


- What are you really proud of in your job?

Saint-Gobain has complex system and offering world class products, it is important for me to meet the customers’ needs, sometime exceed their expectations and always get positive feedback.


- Do you need to work with people from other countries? if yes, do you appreciate it  and why?

Yes, I have to liaise with product team in various countries. Yes, because I have learnt lot of product knowledge through information exchanged, which helped me to improve my problem solving skills.


- What would you like to do for you next position

Product Engineer. Even having a good selling skills and network but without product knowledge, it would be difficult to enhance my value.


- What do you think about the training programs in SGA?

Good. We have different levels of training which help me to improve products knowledge and sales skills, also the training sessions provide the opportunity of plant visiting, for better understanding the challenges and difficulties related to production.


- What would you like to say to candidates who would like to join SGA?

If you’re interested in accelerating your personal learning and career capital, I would said Saint Gobain is a company that energizes you and encourages learning, growth, and challenges.