Second We Are Customer Service Day Celebration

We are customer service Saint-Gobain Abrasives

We celebrated our second We Are Customer Service Day across all of our European, Middle Eastern and African offices in June 2018. The day is designed to ensure that we keep our customers at the heart of all that we do by fostering greater collaboration between our employees, helping us to improve our customer experience.
From sales teams to finance and warehouse staff, we all gathered together to hear more about how each department can work better together to deliver excellent customer service. Teams at each office took part in a number of local initiatives, participating in lively exchanges around a whole host of different topics to understand where we can all make improvements. These dialogues between departments and the resulting increased collaboration are extremely powerful and allow us to develop new ways to better our processes and interactions with you, helping us to achieve our mission of becoming THE partner of reference for abrasives.
We are investing in initiatives, from innovative solutions to on-time delivery, which aim to increase customer satisfaction as part of a three-year plan. Having a dedicated day where we focus on our customers is a vital part of our company ethos, and helps to make us stronger and more effective as an organisation. The day reinforces our commitment to achieving our number one priority – exceptional customer service – and helps us to come up with new ideas about how we can better serve you and make your life easier!
If you want to share any ideas regarding how we can improve, please do let us know how or get in touch with your local customer service representative.