Mr. Pierre-André de Chalendar visits Flexovit

Flexovit celebrates 60 years of Industrial Performance Abrasives

The Saint-Gobain Abrasives brand, Flexovit, has continued the celebrations for its 60th anniversary by welcoming Mr. Pierre-André de Chalendar, Chairman and CEO of Saint-Gobain, alongside Mr. Benoît d'Iribarne General Delegate Benelux, Germany and Austria to the Flexovit factory in Eibergen. Here, the team demonstrated the latest innovations to the esteemed visitors and took the opportunity to show off the wonderful achievements the Flexovit team has made over the last 60 years.  

Flexovit was founded in 1958 in the Netherlands but it wasn't acquired by Saint-Gobain Abrasives until 1998. Mr. de Chalendar, a striking personality with a passion for growth and innovation, led the take-over helping to grow the brand through the extensive customer network and impressive investment in R&D for which Saint-Gobain Abrasives was renowned. Since then, Flexovit has evolved from a grinding and cutting wheel specialist devoted to the Dutch market to an international manufacturer of a complete range of high performance industrial abrasives.

During the visit, the team highlighted our latest developments, including ceramic wheels, personalised innovative packaging and the progress that has been made in automation. We also discussed a number of important co-development projects that have that have been underway in Eibergen, including manufacturing 4.0, our automatic stacking and unstacking technology, the UTG (Ultra-Thin Grinding) concept and the new rail disc with Eco-Center.

Mr. De Chalendar was very impressed by our performance and the innovations that have been readily welcomed by our customers and the industries in which we operate, helping to drive innovation forward.

Pierre-André de Chalendar visit
Pierre-André de Chalendar looking at discs In response to this visit, Joost Morsink, General Manager Northern Europe, commented: “We have a long history of producing industrial performance abrasives and it’s a fantastic achievement to mark our 60th anniversary. We are extremely proud that Mr. Pierre-André de Chalendar and Mr. Benoît d'Iribarne visited our factory and we look forward to continuing to celebrate throughout the rest of the year.”


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Photos by Gregory Herpe