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Norton Connects With Winter

Norton Connects with Winter

Saint-Gobain Abrasives has merged its well-known brands, Norton and Winter, to create Norton Winter, the technology leader for the abrasives market. Both companies have a strong history of quality and innovation, and the merger will bring benefits to our customers around the globe.

The Winter brand has long been known for its German quality manufacturing and the excellence of its high precision, cutting-edge products. The company has now become part of the Norton family, benefiting from the additional R&D capabilities and global distribution channels of this renowned brand that stands for technological innovation. The merger will bring together the best of both companies, to ensure you find it even easier to achieve the best results for your application. 

Winter has always offered high performance diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) tools for all precision grinding applications. Norton will now bring further abrasive solutions, widening the product portfolio to include bonded abrasives, coated abrasives and cutting off discs alongside the renowned superabrasive solutions. Norton Winter has the right abrasive whatever the application. 

With custom-made solutions and a comprehensive range of stock products, Norton Winter delivers cost savings through increased productivity, reduced down time and better quality. The strong ethos of close collaboration with customers to develop the best solution will continue as a core part of the newly merged brand. 

Christian Moreau, Vice-President of Bonded Abrasives and Superabrasives, comments, “Combining Norton and Winter enables us to propose a more consistent portfolio of products for our customers, with a comprehensive range of bonded abrasive and superabrasive solutions. We’re now a unique partner capable of fulfilling our customers’ needs.”

Now, you have one partner for all of your engineered abrasive solutions, Norton Winter. Why not take a look at what we offer for your market? Visit our Norton site for more information.  

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