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Made by Me - Inspired by Norton

Meet the people behind the scenes

Take a trip across the globe with Norton to meet our dedicated teams responsible for making the products you rely on every day. We lift the curtain to sneak a peek at our plants in North America, Europe, India and South East Asia, right back round to South America to bring the stories of each and every one of them to life.
We want to share the passion, pride and commitment that go into making Norton abrasives, the building blocks of your products and processes. Our local teams are working hard to deliver the very best solutions to you every day.
From sandpaper for DIY, to cutting & grinding wheels for metal fabrication, from diamond tools for construction to super abrasives for high precision applications, our plant teams are the ones who are helping to reshape your world. Follow them as we journey around the world, and walk a day in their shoes.
We’ve started with just a few of our sites across each region, but we’ll be continuing our course through more of our plants over the next few months so you can experience our hard work and enthusiasm when delivering solutions to you every day. Why not take a look at your local team to find out what we get up to?




France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Turkey



New York, Ontario and Texas



China and Thailand 




Caieiras, Guarulhos and Jundiaí




Bangalore, Himachal, Mumbai and Nagpur