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Picture37Saint-Gobain Abrasives, operating under the Norton brand, introduces its latest innovation in abrasive technology: RazorStar®. Made with precision-engineered shaped ceramic grain, Norton RazorStar® abrasive belts and fibre discs redefine metal grinding, preparation, bevelling, and deburring applications across various industries, including fabrication, general engineering, foundry, construction, oil & gas, rail, aerospace, medical, and automotive.

Norton RazorStar®, the result of substantial research and development investment, redefines grinding performance across the product spectrum. Arnaud Saint-Ourens, VP of Saint-Gobain Abrasives EMEA, underscores its significance, stating, "This breakthrough in next-generation technology marks a significant milestone in metal grinding. We are aligning with the evolving needs of our industries by providing our customers the best cut rate, longevity, and abrasive quality to boost productivity and decrease overall abrasive costs. Extensive product trials have revealed additional advantages, including significant reductions in waste and energy consumption, reinforcing our commitment to a sustainable future for manufacturing."

Jean-Marie Vallerot, Director of Product Management at Saint-Gobain Abrasives, elaborates on RazorStar®’s unique features: "RazorStar® belts utilise 100% of our new precision-engineered shaped ceramic grain. This, in conjunction with the patent-pending method of applying the grain to the backing, ensures grains are positioned upright, maximizing cut rate, extending product life, and minimizing thermal damage to workpieces."

A welcome addition to the Norton abrasive portfolio for grinding metal, the RazorStar® fibre disc surpasses all other Norton fibre discs as Emre Ulbay, MRO Channel Manager EMEA explains; “in both internal and external trials, we’ve observed a significant increase in productivity attributed to the extended lifespan and enhanced sharpness of our RazorStar® F990S fibre discs. They consistently outperform all conventional ceramic discs on the market, allowing us to demonstrate to our customers how they can achieve higher output with fewer discs, ultimately saving time and money in their operations.”

Norton RazorStar® abrasive belts and discs will be launched globally starting January 2024. The ground-breaking innovation promises to redefine the standards of metal grinding, providing professionals across different industries with a remarkable advancement in abrasive technology.

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