Norton Quantum3 grinding wheels



Norton Quantum3 grinding wheels have been specifically developed by Saint-Gobain Abrasives' R&D team to address the needs of the construction and welding industries for more aggressive, faster and more comfortable grinding wheels. Made from proprietary ceramic grain technology and a newly engineered bond system enabling higher grain retention for longer life and a reduction in grinding temperature Norton Quantum3 provides three key benefits for the end user:


  1. Better operator comfort with reduced hand fatigue from less cutting vibration
  2. Less grinding time, a sharper wheel for high metal removal and reduced pressure from faster cutting action
  3. Less downtime and waste with longer wheel life using fewer wheels.
These benefits are key for weld removal, cleaning, bevelling and general grinding applications on black steel, duplex, high chrome alloys and hard alloys in the maintenance and repair, gas & off-shore, shipbuilding, metal fabrication and steel construction industries where Norton Quantum3 can help to reduce overall process time and cost.


Saint-Gobain Abrasives, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of performance-engineered abrasives officially launched Norton Quantum3, in Europe at the International Hardware Fair in Cologne, Germany  (March 6-8, 2016).
“Increased user comfort is a massive bonus for Norton Quantum3 Grinding Wheels thanks to the special grain/bond composition which adapts to all grinding conditions and leads to a reduction in the vibration levels during the operation. This in turn maximizes performance,” commented Derk Vruwink, Product Manager Cutting-off & Grinding Wheels, Northern Europe & South Africa, Saint-Gobain Abrasives.