Two New Customer Offerings from Performance Grinding Solutions

Training in grinding from PGS

In line with Saint-Gobain’s vision to “transform and grow”, the Performance Grinding Solutions (PGS) group recently launched two value adding and transformative services to their current customers' offerings in the form of the Norton 4Sight system and the Norton School of Grinding.

Manufacturing customers are increasingly interested in moving beyond the limits of grinding/manufacturing and into Industry 4.0; digitally connected manufacturing facilities.

Performance Grinding Solutions (PGS) is promoting this transformation to Industry 4.0 through the Norton 4Sight system, which facilitates process monitoring and grinding diagnostics. Their aim is to become a market leader in this area by consistently exceeding customers' expectations and providing them with the best of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology for grinding.

By working with Saint-Gobain Abrasives technology and services, PGS customers can expect many additional benefits relating to improved quality and reduced costs.

Such improvements are derived from (but not limited to) analytics of grinding processes, improved visibility of manufacturing operations, integration of horizontal and vertical value chains, improved coordination of employee engagement to meet production goals, management, and visibility of data through simple user-friendly dashboards. 

Additionally, the Norton School of Grinding offers an unparalleled service that can reach manufacturing organizations around the world, that are engaged in various grinding applications.

Owing to the recent trend of customer demand for in-depth training, Performance Grinding Solutions are well positioned to deliver these services, with a team of trainers that are selected from a pool of highly talented application engineers and technical training experts from all over the world.

The PGS training college provides tailored training modules to existing and prospective customers. The processes and structures the company have put in place will ensure that the highest standards of grinding training are continually maintained, reviewed and improved. No matter how fast Industry 4.0 moves, PGS is ensuring that its customers always have the best grinding solutions and knowledge available to them.