SGA Colleagues Attend a Comprehensive Coated Abrasives Course

As part of Saint-Gobain’s unparalleled commitment to training its staff, 12 participants from across 5 European countries met at the Saint-Gobain Abrasives plant in Conflans, France for 2 days of intensive hands-on coated abrasives training.

convolute wheel 1

The participants

A diverse cross section comprised of colleagues from the European Saint-Gobain Abrasives team took part in the training course. The cross functional cohort included members from Sales, Product Management, and European Marketing; each person bringing different levels of experience, product knowledge and business perspective to the mix. For instance, some colleagues had never previously used an angle grinder, whilst other members had been using one for years.

Training stations

The full cohort was broken up into smaller groups and cycled around 3 stations, each focussing on different products and applications within the coated abrasives sphere.

Guiding the participants through the two-day course was a knowledgeable and highly experienced trio of Saint-Gobain Abrasive experts: Paul Gray, Tamas Kenyeres, and Sergio Rodrigues.

From fibre discs to convolute wheels, these tutors not only imparted their considerable product knowledge on the trainees but demonstrated the perfect techniques that should be adopted when using an array of different coated abrasives.

coated abrasives training
refined metal surface

There was even a competition over who could deliver the most refined finish on a carbon steel bar, which added to the positive atmosphere amongst the group.

Participants were unanimous in their assessment of the training course in that it had been extremely enjoyable and useful; striking a great balance between informative and entertaining.

Improving customer efficiency

At the conclusion of the training course, participating groups were asked to prepare a short presentation to display their learning and to offer suggestions on how customers could improve their output efficiency by utilising the Saint-Gobain Abrasives product range.

This real-world aspect of the training reinforces the premise that having well trained internal staff ultimately benefits the external customer and, by extension, highlights a key advantage of doing business with Saint-Gobain.