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Did you know?



Falklift truck pictoSaint-Gobain Abrasives

has more than 45,000

stock products


belt picto115km of coated abrasives are running through our machines at all times


Used for polishing aircraft wings, coated abrasives reduce an aircraft’s weight by aeroplane picto120 kilograms, helping to save fuel.


Thin wheel picto


We sell 1 million 

thin wheels per day!

Diamond grinding wheel picto 

Diamond grinding wheels can profile drills that have the same diameter as a human hair.

House pictoPlaced end-to-end, bricks grinded
each year using Norton grinding rings would
circle the Earth’s circumference twice


window picto 

One diamond grinding wheel grinds the edge of 60 km of flat glass


grinding wheel picto50,000 tonnes of 

grinding wheels are sold

each year


glass pictoOne diamond grinding wheel machines
the rim of
2 million wine glasses.