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Norton introduces Ultra Thin Grinding Wheels

Norton Quantum3 Ultra Thin Grinding Wheel

Saint-Gobain Abrasives is delighted to announce the launch of its Ultra Thin Grinding Wheel, Norton Quantum3 UTG. This revolution in grinding offers the operator substantial benefits in terms of comfort, durability and material removal, resulting in real savings – more work is done in less time! The UTG wheel extends the new high performance grinding range, Norton Quantum3,  of long-lasting, ceramic abrasives delivering high material removal rates.

Our Norton Quantum3 ultra-thin grinding wheel comes in a 4.2mm thickness, making it very light, comfortable and easy to use. The wheel itself utilises the Norton Quantum3 technology, with ceramic grains to maximise the effect of the grinding operation. You’ll be amazed at what the ultra-thin grinding wheel can achieve in terms of material removal and durability when compared to other, thicker products. This longer product life also means that fewer wheels are needed, reducing overall process costs and time lost by changing wheels.

Thanks to the thin dimensions combined with heavy reinforcements, the wheel can also be used on its side as well as in cutting-off applications. The ultra-thin grinding concept is fit for use in all sorts of applications using the full surface area; grooving, grinding in small corners, weld-preparing, heavy duty grinding, cutting off… it can do it all!  

Operator safety is of the highest importance. The Norton Ultra-Thin grinding wheels offer greater comfort for the user in very rough applications like grinding metal, making the work easier without losing productivity to meet EHS requirements. With Norton Quantum3 UTG it’s easier, quicker and lighter to remove more material in the same amount of time!

Norton Quantum3 UTG is now available globally. Please speak to your local representative for more information about how it could help you. 

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