Norton Abrasives Colombia wins Effie award

The Norton Troop Norton wins Bronze Effie Award

Norton, a Saint-Gobain Abrasives company, is a relatively new brand in Colombia so we wanted to bring our brand and products to life by celebrating the most important people in the country – you! We set up a marketing campaign focusing on our end-users, highlighting the great work that you do and praising your professionalism. The success of this campaign then led to us winning a Bronze Effie award in Colombia, a fantastic accomplishment for our team.

The aim of the campaign was to build more of a connection with our end users and the best way to do this was to work side by side with you in your workplace. Under the banner, ‘We support the hands that make the country grow’, we created ‘La Tropa Norton’ (the Norton troop), where our experts went on the road and visited many of you across the country. We wanted to make you feel valued for the work you do every day because it is a vital part of the Colombian economy.

We visited nine cities across the country, every two weeks, highlighting our products and offering solutions to make your job easier. We also delivered fast-track training and samples of our discs to showcase how we can support you, helping you to achieve excellent results. Through this campaign, we managed to raise awareness of our expertise and the performance of our products across the country and we hope that we now have a community of advocates for the Norton brand.

Effie Worldwide represents marketing communication effectiveness across the globe, and its awards recognize any campaign that contributes to a brand’s success, with global, regional and national varieties of the program. It’s a great achievement for the Norton Colombia team to win the national award and we hope to continue the success into the future, delivering solutions that help to Reshape Your World.

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