Flexovit celebrates 60 years of Industrial Performance Abrasives

Flexovit celebrates 60 years of Industrial Performance Abrasives

One of Saint-Gobain Abrasives’ key brands, Flexovit, is celebrating its 60th anniversary as the leading manufacturer of industrial performance abrasives throughout 2018. It’s a fantastic milestone to achieve and our video shows the journey we’ve undertaken to become a trusted abrasives partner around the world:


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Flexovit began life in 1958 as a grinding wheel manufacturer known as Slijptechniek, based in Enschede, the Netherlands. Wim Ebbink, the founder, set the company up after trading German grinding wheels and deciding he wanted to start manufacturing them. The company has since evolved from a specialist cutting wheel manufacturer to a global supplier of industrial abrasives for a number of applications, such as metal fabrication, transport and hardware markets.

After building our reputation as Slijptechniek, we changed our name to Flexovit in 1984 to better reflect what we stand for. Flex means ‘angle grinder’ in Dutch, ‘o’ mirrors the shape of the wheel and ‘vit’ comes from the French for speed, vitesse. Then in 1998, Saint-Gobain Abrasives acquired Flexovit, further expanding our product portfolio and reaching more customers, thanks to additional R&D specialists and a wider distribution network.

We now offer a full range of high performance abrasives under the Flexovit brand: coated abrasives, cutting-off & grinding wheels, bonded abrasives, diamond blades and super abrasives, for a wide range of processes, such as cutting, grinding, sharpening, blending, finishing and polishing.

Commenting on the company’s milestone, Joost Morsink, General Manager, Northern Europe at Saint-Gobain Abrasives says, “With our strong Dutch heritage and unparalleled abrasive technology, we’re able to continually innovate and bring new solutions to the market. The ethos of Flexovit is to establish effective partnerships with our customers to identify and implement cost-effective solutions that improve results with our high performance abrasives. We’re proud to have been doing this for 60 years and are looking forward to what the next 60 years will bring.”

Find out more about our anniversary celebrations at www.flexovit.com

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